At Trinity United Methodist Church, we help people of all ages become authentic Christian disciples. A "disciple" is a follower, a student, even an apprentice of Jesus. Our goal is to provide an environment where intentional Spiritual growth and maturation take place.
John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, encouraged Christian believers to show evidence of "holiness of heart and life" in their daily living and not to be a Christian "in name only".

To be a genuine Christian disciple, your life must be Christ-centered and Christ-directed. Each disciple must be committed to growth and continued maturation in the areas of Worship, Nurture, Service and Evangelism. These four coordinates define the journey of a growing, maturing Christian disciple’s life. Christ provides the tried and true path. We simply point the way and travel with you.

Worship is about focusing on the glory of God—and results in inspired living.

As a community of faith, our goal is to provide an environment where everything we are and do together helps people grow in their relationship with Christ.

The Great Commandment is not the Great Suggestion. Our love of God propels us into the world to imitate Christ’s self-giving. Through Christian service, we share the gospel in word and deed in ever widening circles.

Our twenty-first century environment makes us missionaries in our own back yard. We are sent into the world to be representatives of the God who is at large and on the move.