Timing Is Everything

For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure is at hand.
2 Timothy 4:6

Think about the timing necessary to keep our solar system stable. Every 24 hours the earth spins on its axis. Every 365.26 days the earth orbits the sun. The moon orbits the earth every 27.3 days. In premodern days, the certainty of those numbers formed the basis of calendars, agriculture, navigation, and more. While calculations today may be easier with computers, those calculations still depend on the timing of the solar system.

The psalmist David didn’t know what we know about the cosmos, but he knew that God was responsible for it. He was amazed at the “heavens” and “the moon and the stars, which [God had] ordained” (Psalm 8:3). In the face of such majesty he wondered how God could be concerned about a mere human like himself. But the same God who times the movement of the planets also times the days of our lives (Psalm 139:16). With that confidence, the apostle Paul could be at peace when he realized that the end of his life was near (2 Timothy 4:6).

If you trust that the sun will rise on schedule tomorrow morning, trust the God who keeps it on schedule—and ordains the timing of your life as well.